Friday, July 24, 2009

Frog Head Hat

Frog Head Hat for newborns.

((Please look through the other patterns in my blog for helpful
links to crochet stitches used.)

Green Yarn. (I used Simply Soft)
Red Yarn (I used Simply Soft Wine--it is best to use the same
type/size yarn for both hat and rim.)

~If you use a thicker yarn-the hat will be larger.
Crochet hook size “G”.
~If you use a larger Crochet Hook-the hat will be larger.
Yarn sewing needle to sew on eyes.
Eyes (I used Easy-Sew Eyes in size 18mm--but yarn will work.)

(Chain two at beginning of each row counts as your first Double Crochet in that row.)

Row One: Chain 3, slip stitch to form a circle.
Chain two, 13 Double Crochet in Circle. (14 double crochet)
Slip stitch to top of Chain two at end of row..

Row Two: Chain two. Continuing in same direction
(you are working in rounds, no turning for rows.) Double Crochet
in same stitch as chain two. Two Double Crochet in each
remaining 13 stitches around ( 28 Double Crochet.)
Slip stitch into to of chain two at end of row.

Row Three: Chain two. Two Double Crochet in same
stitch as beginning Chain 2.
*One double Crochet in each of the next two stitches.
Two Double Crochet in next stitch.
*Repeat this around. (one double crochet in “each of next two
stitches,” then
two double crochet in next “one stitch.”)

Slip Stitch into top of chain two at end of row.
(You should have around 39 Double Crochet--but if you
have one less or one more-
no worries, it still works.)

Row Four through Ten: Chain 2. One Double Crochet
in each stitch around. Slip stitch into top of chain 2 at end of
each row.

Row Eleven: Chain 2. Double Crochet in each stitch
around, slip stitch to chain two at end of row, tie off.
(leave at least a 4 inch tail.)

Row Twelve: Using red yarn, slip stitch just before you tied
off the green. Work over the green yarn tail to hide as you work.
Single crochet in each stitch around. Slip stitch to
beginning stitch at end of row. Tie off .
Leave at least a 4 inch tail to weave/hide yarn tail in brim using crochet hook are yarn sewing needle.

Make eye hoods using the bear ears pattern in my blog here:

Attach ears /eyes as seen in picture of frog head hat.

This is a good way to use green yarn for charity hat gifting. Baby nurses discourage using greens and yellows because they do not usually compliment the skin tones, but this is a way to use those greens and have them acceptable.

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Gloria said...

Thanks for sharing the pattern. I love frogs. Cute, nice job.

Sandyfroglegs said...

Thank you!!!

Catherine/Yarncat said...

Adorable hat!Thanks!!

Sandy said...

This is beyond cute this is ADORABLE, you're inspire me to get rolling again. It's been hard for me to craft; but am getting back into it.


B Noble said...

Thanks for the pattern! I really enjoyed making it, and it looks adorable. I'm new to crocheting but I did end up adding more the the subsequent chains for the ears (3 for every 2) in order to make them lie flat.

Kim T said...

This is a great pattern. I made a pistachio green baby blanket and the froggy hat for the baby and I'm making matching hats for the new parents too.

Thanks for posting.

LeAnne said...

Has this pattern been tested? I don't want to try it just to find out it's too small to fit any baby. So, has it?

Sandyfroglegs said...

Hello LeAnne-- if you have Ravelry access there are, I think, 18 different versions using different yarns, hook sizes, ect..that you can take a look at (love Ravelry--best place on earth to see how many times a design has been made before trying it yourself.)
Thank you for visiting my blog!

debbie said...

I'm looking for a cute bunny hat. thanks

debbie said...

I'm looking for a cute bunny hat. I've made the frog hat & the kids love it..thanks