Thursday, August 20, 2009

Picket Fence Scarf

Picket Fence Scarf

You will need:
One skein of TOFUtsies SWTC sock yarn
I used #872 of the Limited Edition Collection.
(or equal amount of sock weight yarn.)

Crochet hook size E

*Note ~ I am using Red Heart Soft Yarn in Toast, on my scanner to show some close ups. *Note ~ Please look through my other designs for helpful links to stitches used.

Starting chain of 37,
Row One: Double Crochet in third chain from hook.
Double Crochet in each remaining chains across .
You will have (36) Double Crochets .
Chain 3 and turn.

Row Two: Skip first chain.
*Double Crochet in next Double Crochet, chain one &
skip next Double Crochet, Double Crochet in next
Double Crochet. Repeat from * across, ending with
Double Crochet in last Double Crochet.
(19 Double Crochets. 18 chain one spaces.)
Chain 3 and turn.

Row Three: *Double crochet in chain one space.
Double Crochet in Double Crochet.
Repeat from * across . (36 Double Crochet.)
Chain one and turn.

Repeat Rows Two and Three, ending with a Row Three.
Weave, Hide yarn tails in work.

Copywrite of Sandyfroglegs Designs 2009

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Sandyfroglegs said...

It can be purchased from the SWTC. Tofutsies is pronounced "Toe-foot-sies."