Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baby Sheild Moccasins

I was asked to create a option for the below Baby Mukluk's
to change them to a traditional Moccasin look. I hope the Shield
will help those seeking this look and also eliminate the Fpdc / Bpdc that
some are not familiar with.
Use the Baby Mukluk pattern-but on the last row of the ankle instead of
the Fpdc / Bpdc--simply Dc in each stitch then tie off /weave in ends.

The shield is a simple circle (such as used to start a granny square.)
Chain 3. Dc 15 times in third chain from hook (16 Double Crochet to create the circle) Pull your beginning yarn tail tight to close the hole in the circle. Slip stitch to top of beginning chain 3 to closed. Tie off/weave ends.
Cut the number of yarn's ties desired to about 6 inches each (I used two
for each shield.) Use a large eye needle to attach the shield to the side cuff.
Tie/knot on outside of shield --cut tails so that they are the length you like
hanging from the little shield's.

(c) Sandyfroglegs Designs 2009

Baby Mukluks

Materials needed:

*Worsted weight yarn such as Red Heart Supersaver
or Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice.
*Size H crochet hook.
*Large Eye Needle to sew up heal.
Abbreviations used:
Single Crochet - Sc.
Chain- Ch
Double Crochet- Dc.
Front Post Double Crochet- Fpdc.
Back Post Double Crochet- Bpdc.
((**See directions on my other free patterns for helpful links to stitches.))

Starting Chain: Leave a 12 or so inch tail to sew up heal, Chain 13.
Row 1: Sc in second chain from hook and in each remaining ch (12 sc.)
Row 2: Ch 1, turn. Sc in each chain (12 sc.)
Row 3 - 11: Repeat row 2.
Row 12: Ch 1, turn. Sc in each chain (12 sc.)
(you have a square of 12 sc and 12 rows.)

Toe closing: at end of Row 12, pivot work to it’s left to close that side
of your square to form the toe section. Gather the toe closes by Inserting
your hook into the end of each row, hook yarn and pull through each
rows end stitch.
Keep all loops on hook until you have a loop on hook for each row.
Hook one more loop and pull that one through all
loops on hook.. Hook a loop once more and pull through to close the
toe section up tight.

Top ridge: Sc the first 6 stitches from each side to closed for top of foot.
Push work to middle of crochet hook or use stitch marker while you sew
up heel.

To sew up heal, put beginning yarn tail in large eye needle. Sew from top
edge on back down to heal. Turn and weave yarn back up to top
edge of heal. You will then be crocheting over the tail to hide it in the ankle.

Row 1: Ch 2- Dc in each stitch around the ankle, hiding your tail while
crocheting. Slip stitch to top of Ch 2.
Row 2: Ch 2. Dc in each dc. Slip stitch to 1st dc.
Row 3: *Fpdc around first Dc. Bpdc around next Dc. *Repeat to end .
Slip Stitch to close, tie off and weave in tail to hide.

((**the 1st and 2nd rows of ankle can be different colors to give a more mukluk look. Tie on new colors with a slip knot--hide yarn tails as you crochet.)

Side Tassels:
Helpful video for adding the tassel (adding it fringe style.)
Tassels (Fringe): Cut four six inch lengths of yarn for each bootie (8 total.)
Take the four pieced of yarn, hold evenly together. Find the center.
Find the middle of the side of a bootie--using crochet hook, put hook
Around the middle top Fpdc or Bpdc, hook the middle of the cut 4 yarns.
Pull the middle through around the stitch. Now using hook or fingers reach over
and grab your “8” yarn ends and pull those ends through the loop . Tug tight.

Repeat for 2nd bootie--making sure that your tassel’s will be on the opposite outside middles of each foot. Trim Tassels evenly.

© Sandyfroglegs Designs 2009