Friday, March 28, 2008

Bear Ears for Newborn Hats

*Crochet hook size “G”.
*Red Heart super saver yarn in black
(**Use yarn and color to compliment the hat
you are attaching ears to.)

*Large eye needle to attach ears to hat.

Stitch Abbreviations used:
Dc: Double Crochet.
Hdc: Half Double Crochet.
Ch: Chain.

Directions- (Make two ears.)
Row 1: Chain 3. Dc 11 times in the 3rd chain from hook
(this is in that first chain you made. Total of 12
Dc in the first row.)

~Pull the yarn tail tight to close the ring.
~Take the tail up and crochet over it in the next row
to hide it.

Row 2: Ch 2 and turn- Hdc in top of each Dc on row 1
(12 Hdc.)

Row 3: Ch 1, turn. Sc in top of each Hdc on row 2 (12 Sc.)
~Leave a long tail to attach ears to hat with large eye needle.
~ Be sure ears are in same place on sides of hat
(use the rows of hat to
measure for placement. Before cutting
off excess yarn after attaching,
use needle to weave the yarn
tail through ears to hide it.)

~You can flip one of these ears inside out to attach and they
will look the same.
This will help in making sure you are
attaching them in the same spot on each
side of the hat.

It is amazing how these little ears change a plain hat into a very special hat!
© 2008 Sandyfroglegs Designs

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stormy Day Hat (newborn size)


Size “H” crochet hook.
Red Heart Super Saver in “Zebra” or comparable yarn of your choice.
Stitch Marker.

Stitch abbreviations used:
Ch: Chain.
Sc: Single Crochet.
Dc: Double Crochet.

Pattern Notes: Rounds are worked in continuous rows with no
turns or slip stitches to close/connect rows unless otherwise noted.
Stitch Marker is used to mark each round: Move the stitch marker
at the completion of each row to the last Sc or Dc of each row
before beginning each new row.

Begin by chaining three. Slip stitch into first chain to form a circle.

Row 1: Ch 2. Crochet eleven Dc into circle (total of 12 Dc)
Row 2: 2 Sc in top of each Dc (24 Sc.)
Row 3: Dc in top of each Sc (24 Dc.)
Row 4: 2 Sc in top of each Dc (48 Sc.)
Row 5: Dc in top of each Sc. (48 Dc.)
Row 6: Sc in top of each Dc (48 Sc.)
Rows 7 through 14: Repeat Rows 5-6.
Row 15: Sc in each Sc (48 Sc.)
End: Slip Stitch in last Sc of Row 14.
Tie off, leaving a 4 to 6 inch tail to weave into hat.
© 2008 Sandyfroglegs Designs

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Egg People

Materials:You will need: Size "E" crochet hook, sewing/embroidery needle to apply the face, Worsted weight (Red Heart) yarn, stitch marker, fiber fill or appropriate stuffing, And what you have on hand to make a face, hair, etc
Pattern note:
Rows are works in continuous rounds. Continue to next row-do not slip stitch at end of rows.
The rows are increased, then worked in even rows until you begin the decrease rows.
Stitches Used:
Ch=Chain Sc=Single Crochet
Dec sc =Decrease single crochet
Start: Chain 2.
Row 1: Work 6 sc in 1st ch. Place marker in last sc of round and move with
Each row.
Row 2: Work 2 sc in each sc (12 sc).
Row 3: *Two sc in next sc. One SC in next sc. Repeat from * around for
A total of 18 sc.
Rows 4 – 6: Sc in each sc for total of 18 sc in each row.
Add Your Face Now-
*Sew in face (I am using "easy-sew eyes" and Embroidery thread.)
*You can get creative and sew the top with fancy fur for hair, or sew the top a
Different color and add a decorative row to the front loop, then change colors
And attach to that back look for a hat, etc.
Row 7: Sc in next 4 sc. 2 sc in next sc. Sc in next 4. 2 sc in next sc.
Sc in next 4. 2 sc in next sc. Sc in next 2. 2 sc in last stitch (total of 22 sc).
Row 8: Sc in each sc (22 sc).
Begin Decrease rows-
Row 9: *Sc in next sc. Sc DEC (insert hook in next stitch as you do with a sc,
Then insert hook in following stitch and pull hook through the three
Loops to decrease.) Repeat from *around (14 sc.)
Row 10: *Sc in next sc. Sc DEC. Repeat from * 3 times more. Sc in last 2 sc. (9 sc).
Stuff egg with fiber fill or the material of your choice.
Row 11: Remove stitch marker. Sc DEC until bottom of egg is closed.
Hide tail of yarn in the egg.
© 2008 Sandyfroglegs Designs

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oogely Snake Bookmark / toy

Oogely Snake Bookmark / Toy

-Use a “E” Crochet Hook
& permanent marker or beads for the eyes.
Fiber-Use baby or fingering for a bookmark,
and Worsted Weight to crochet as a toy,
and small amount of red embroidery or #3 red thread.

(Use variegated, multi colored or camouflage yarn
for a “snake skin” look.)

Bookmark Version-
With baby yarn or fingering weight yarn, chain 60
and turn.
Slip stitch first ten chains. SC in chain 11 to 60.
In that same last chain (chain 60)-Seven dc and
end with a slip stitch in that same stitch. Tie off
and weave the loose yarn ends into the “head” to hide.
Cut about a finger length of red embroidery or #3
thread--fold in half. Insert crochet hook in end of
middle “Dc” of the head, hook the red thread at the
fold/loop and pull the loop through the stitch, then
reach over, grab the two red thread ends and pull
those two ends through the loop (tassel style),
to create the snakes “forked” tongue.
Trim “tongue” so the ends are even.
Use permanent marker to make eyes(especially if going
to a place with small children--for safety.)
Or--sew / glue on beads, wiggle eyes, ect…for the eyes.

Toy Version--
For a larger snake more suitable for smaller children
use worsted weight yarn.

Chain 60, turn.
Slip stitch first ten stitches. Single crochet stitches
11 to 20. Half Double Crochet stitches 21 to 56.
Single crochet stitches 57 to 60.
Complete the snake head, tongue and eyes, the same
as in the Bookmark Version.

© 2007 Sandyfroglegs Designs

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Little Pillow Baby Mitts

Little Pillow Baby Mitts ~~ A Design by Sandyfroglegs

Material list: Crochet Hooks sizes F and E. Caron Baby Sport (or comparable substitute yarn)

Stitch abbreviations used:


Sc: single crochet.

Hdc: Half Double Crochet.

Dc: Double Crochet.

Fpdc: Front Post Double Crochet.

Bpdc: Back Post Double Crochet.

Pattern notes:

Work in same direction through out-do not turn work. Do not add chains or slip stitch where not indicated. Crochet two Little Pillow Baby Mitts, one for each hand to protect baby’s delicate skin from tiny fingernails scratches. Move stitch marker to last stitch crocheted at end of each row.


Row 1: Starting Ch of 13.

Row 2: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in remaining 11 chains. (12 sc.)

Row 3: Pivot work, to continue with 12 sc in un-worked side of “starting chain.”

(Crochet over yarn tail so as to safely hide within work. Put stitch marker in last stitch crocheted.)

Row 4: Working in same direction-24 Hdc in each sc.

Row 5: Working in same direction-24 sc in each Hdc.

Rows 6 -15: Repeat rows 4 and 5. (Alternate rows 4 and 5 for rows 6-15.)

Wrist: Change to size “E” crochet hook.

16: With crochet hook size E, Dc in 24 sc.

17: *Fpdc around next dc. Bpdc around next dc. Repeat from * to stitch marker (12 fpdc, 12 bpdc alternating for a total of 24.)

18: Fpdc around each fpdc. Bpdc around each bpdc.. (24)

19: Repeat row 18.

20: Sc in top of each fpdc and bpdc of row 19. (24.)

21: sc in each sc (24 sc.) Slip stitch into stitch where stitch marker is and tie off.

(Leave a 4” to 5” tail to weave securely into work.)

© 2008 Sandyfroglegs Designs

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