Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1st New Moon of Spring Choker

These were crocheted using my
1st New Moon of Spring Choker design directions
(in honor of the Cherokee Celebration that takes place in March.)
I substituted a "G" crochet hook. The brown one is made with
Bernat Matrix in "Natural" and Red Heart Soft Yarn in "Toast."
I used a appropriate size bead, pulled through both ends as a closure.
The shiny choker is made with Caron Pizazz in "Southwest."

Copyright: Sandyfroglegs Designs 2009


Gi said...

Hi Sandy:

I believe we are neighbors. I live in Merrimac. Do you know of any crochet groups in this area?

Love the moon of spring choker!

gloria hooking and cooking over in merrimac.

Sandyfroglegs said...

Hello Gi--I was told a way to find others be using the profile. Go to your profile for Blogger. Click on the word Merrimac and it will tell you all the other bloggers who list Merrimac on their profile too!!!!
Great tool!!