Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Little Pillows Hat

*The top corners of the hat will give the illusion of ears when on the head.

**The picture: The blue hat is written below.

The Purple hat used worsted weight yarn. No nose. Added ears (directions in my blog)
being careful not to sew them through
to the back of the hat (just the front layer.)
The gray hat
is adult size, using Half Double Crochet with a interspersed
Crossover Stitch (skip one hdc. hdc in next 2 stitches--then cross over with the third
stitch into the skipped stitch space.)

*The hat directions written for Newborn size.
*Can be adjusted to any size-including
adult, by chaining “half” the length needed
to circle the wearers head.
(You will want the hat to be snug, so you will
want the starting chain a bit shorter than
your measurement.)

*You will be working on the outside of your
hat the entire time. Push your work at the
starting so that you are on the outside
(tuck the inside of the hat accordingly.)

*Use a crochet hook in the size that works
with your yarn--adjusting the size by measuring
the starting chain , and top-to-bottom length.

*If you do not plan on adding a nose and eyes--
continue row 2 & add rim, to desired length.

*Personalize by using different stitches in body
of hat.

I used a *Boye size G crochet hook &
*Caron Simply Soft yarn in Soft Blue.
The eyes are Darice brand *Easy-Sew Eyes in 18mm,
and I used a *sewing needle to attach.
*Stitch marker (if you do not have stitch markers,
a piece of yarn , paper clip, or wire earring will work.)

The ball I used to display is 21 inches around.
Chain 28 (my chain measured 7 inches.)

Row 1:
Double Crochet in the 3d chain from the hook
and in each remaining chain (26 Double Crochet)
Do not flip --instead turn the corner, working in the
reverse side of your starting chain, Double Crochet
in the 26 chain spaces. Place your stitch marker in the
last Double Crochet on your hook.

Row 2:
Double Crochet in each Double Crochet around, moving
stitch marker to last Double Crochet made when reaching
end of row.

Row 3-5:
Repeat Row 2.

Row 6: Choose the side you would like to be the front
of your hat.
Fold hat so that you know where the middle of the front is.
Double Crochet to the middle. In the middle chain do a
Popcorn stitch of 5 Double Crochet
(use link to see visual directions for this stitch.)

Then continue in Double Crochet to end of row-
moving stitch marker to last Double Crochet on your hook.

At this time, take your sew-on-eyes and attach them on
the 5th row
On each side of your nose. I attached mine
to the 4 Double Crochet
measuring from the nose of either
side to insure they were evenly

If doing a larger or smaller hat--you will want to change the row and eye
position to comply with your hat size.

Row 7 - 11:
Repeat row 2 (my hat now measures 5 ½ inches.)

At end of row 11- slip stitch to the last Double Crochet
of row 10, chain 2 and place your stitch marker on the
chain 2.

Row 12:
Front Post Double Crochet in first Double Crochet.
Back Post Double Crochet in next Double Crochet.
Continue this pattern (alternating the Front Post
Double Crochet and Back Post Double Crochet) work to
the end of the row. Slip stitch to spot with stitch maker
-chain 2 and move your stitch marker to Chain 2.

Row 13: Front Post Double Crochet in Front Post Double
Crochet. Back Post Double Crochet in Back Post Double
Crochet to end of row.
Slip Stitch and tie off/end. My hat measures 6 inches from
top to bottom and 6 ½ inches from side to side.

(when crocheting a adult hat--use your ruler--top to bottom of
8 inches will be
a good size so that when you pull in on the
corners give the illusion of ears.)

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