Monday, March 16, 2009

1st New Moon of Spring Choker

Material Needed-
Thread/ Sport Yarn/ Sock Yarn--I used Luster Sheen -it is a size 3, in color “Natural.”
(about one ounce.)
“F” Crochet hook.

Stitches used-
Sc- Single Crochet.
Dc- Double Crochet.
Sl st-Slip Stitch.

FIRST: Ch 40. Sc in second ch from hook, and in next 5 chains (6 sc total.)
(the 6 sc is the beginning of your choker--the remainder of the chains will be your “tie.”)

Ch 6 and turn. Sl st into 12th ch from hook (the 1st of the just crocheted 6 sc.)

SECOND: Ch 3 and turn. ***Dc four times around the “6 sc ch bar.”
Sl st to the last st on the “ch 6 bar” you are working on..

THIRD: Ch 6, turn. Sl st to 12th chain from hook. Ch 3 and turn.

FOURTH:- Repeat from *** for a total of 16 group/sections.
At end of 16th group/section, instead of chain 3, chain 35. Tie off.

Grab first and second sections and gently stretch choker apart so
that they will lay against the skin smoothly.
Tie a little knot at the end of each of your “tie” chains to help prevent fraying.

Some may prefer the reverse side of the choker to the front side.
***THIS size will only fit about a 16 inch neck.
Sections as well as beginning and end

chain length will be easy to add in increase the size.

Copyright: Sandyfroglegs Designs 2009

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