Friday, April 4, 2008

Baby Booties

My grandma crocheted granny squares and
looked for ways to use them. Turning matching granny
squares into baby booties was one of those ideas. Below
is what that idea evolved into for me.

With "H" hook ("G" hook will also work )- (I use baby yarn--the softer
the better for the babies feet)
To Start : Leave a tail of about 8 or so inches (for sewing the heal) and
Chain 14. DC in third chain from hook. DC in each remaining chain,
for a total of 12 DC. Chain 2 and turn.

Row One - Six : DC in each DC across, for a total of 12 DC in each row
(be sure to chain 2 at end of each row, and turn, to start next row).

This will give you a little square, and you will end at the opposite end
that you started the square.

Step 1--Gather toe end, by inserting the hook, into the end of each DC row,
draw a loop onto the hook.--you will have 7 loops on the hook. Draw
another loop, and pull that loop through all 7 loops on the hook. then slip
stitch this tight (this gathers the toe and closes it) . Push your work, into
the middle of your hook to save it.

Step 2- Take a large eye embroidery needle - put your yarn tail for the heal,
into the needle, and stitch your heal closed, tie off. Weave in/hide your
end tail that you stitched your heal closed with .(or, you can hide the heal
yarn tail in your work as you crochet the sock cuff) (you could also just use
a hook, if you do not have the large eye needle to do this).

Step 3- With hook, slip stitch six stitches for the top (or for a little ridge,
single crochet the six stitches for the top), from toe to middle of top of bootie.

Step 4- *Chain 3, Dc in each stitch around the bootie ankle opening, and
Slip stitch closed. Continue * for the number of rows desired, and tie off.
Weave/hide yarn end.
(The bootie top can be embellished to match your hat brim, and sweater

(To make using HDC--repeat above pattern, except make with
8 rows instead of 6.)

(The bootie can be enlarged, by adding more chains on to lengthen, and
adding more rows to widen. You can also "not" slip stitch the ankle rows,
so the cuff folds down, for a traditional baby bootie or moccasin look.
For my ankle cuff-I like using 2 DC, then 2 HDC, and ending with 1 SC--
which makes a nice roll down, and keeps on babies foot better, --like a sock.)

**Nice addition-chain 30, attach with a slip stitch into center of back, right
where the ankle starts. Then do another 30 chains and tie off. Weave each of
these two 30 count chains, through each separate side of the bootie and tie in
front of bootie. The slip stitch at the back is so the "bootie tie's" will not get lost.

© 2006 Sandyfroglegs Designs

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