Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Little Pillow Baby Mitts

Little Pillow Baby Mitts ~~ A Design by Sandyfroglegs

Material list: Crochet Hooks sizes F and E. Caron Baby Sport (or comparable substitute yarn)

Stitch abbreviations used:


Sc: single crochet.

Hdc: Half Double Crochet.

Dc: Double Crochet.

Fpdc: Front Post Double Crochet.

Bpdc: Back Post Double Crochet.

Pattern notes:

Work in same direction through out-do not turn work. Do not add chains or slip stitch where not indicated. Crochet two Little Pillow Baby Mitts, one for each hand to protect baby’s delicate skin from tiny fingernails scratches. Move stitch marker to last stitch crocheted at end of each row.


Row 1: Starting Ch of 13.

Row 2: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in remaining 11 chains. (12 sc.)

Row 3: Pivot work, to continue with 12 sc in un-worked side of “starting chain.”

(Crochet over yarn tail so as to safely hide within work. Put stitch marker in last stitch crocheted.)

Row 4: Working in same direction-24 Hdc in each sc.

Row 5: Working in same direction-24 sc in each Hdc.

Rows 6 -15: Repeat rows 4 and 5. (Alternate rows 4 and 5 for rows 6-15.)

Wrist: Change to size “E” crochet hook.

16: With crochet hook size E, Dc in 24 sc.

17: *Fpdc around next dc. Bpdc around next dc. Repeat from * to stitch marker (12 fpdc, 12 bpdc alternating for a total of 24.)

18: Fpdc around each fpdc. Bpdc around each bpdc.. (24)

19: Repeat row 18.

20: Sc in top of each fpdc and bpdc of row 19. (24.)

21: sc in each sc (24 sc.) Slip stitch into stitch where stitch marker is and tie off.

(Leave a 4” to 5” tail to weave securely into work.)

© 2008 Sandyfroglegs Designs


Rosella said...

Thanks for the adorable pattern! I do charity crochet and am always looking for something new for the babies. thanks again, Lynne

getreal said...

these are adorable! thanks for sharing with us. I craft for AC4C and am a mod for craftersintheattic@nexogroups.com I am always looking for a new pattern.
Denise in MI

Sandy said...

Just printed this pattern, thanks for sharing. Love them.

KayH said...

Very cute and easy. Thank you for sharing your pattern!