Tuesday, March 18, 2008

~First Post

Since I started blogging on St. Patrick's Day--even if it does not fall on the same day (March 17, 2008) each year~~~St. Patrick's Day will be my Blog Anniversary from now on.

And--I think I already flubbed!! It looks like I may have deleted two wonderful comments left by good friends. (Big OOOPPPPSSSS!)

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Isa said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Sandy! :o) I am going to keep an eye on your designs, I must learn how to make socks, knitting or crocheting. This is my blog, but it is like Seinfield, about nothing ;o) http://labeep.blogspot.com/ . See you in Ravelry, I need to post photos of the endless scarf and a sweet jacket I am making for a doll