Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baby Mukluks

Materials needed:

*Worsted weight yarn such as Red Heart Supersaver
or Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice.
*Size H crochet hook.
*Large Eye Needle to sew up heal.
Abbreviations used:
Single Crochet - Sc.
Chain- Ch
Double Crochet- Dc.
Front Post Double Crochet- Fpdc.
Back Post Double Crochet- Bpdc.
((**See directions on my other free patterns for helpful links to stitches.))

Starting Chain: Leave a 12 or so inch tail to sew up heal, Chain 13.
Row 1: Sc in second chain from hook and in each remaining ch (12 sc.)
Row 2: Ch 1, turn. Sc in each chain (12 sc.)
Row 3 - 11: Repeat row 2.
Row 12: Ch 1, turn. Sc in each chain (12 sc.)
(you have a square of 12 sc and 12 rows.)

Toe closing: at end of Row 12, pivot work to it’s left to close that side
of your square to form the toe section. Gather the toe closes by Inserting
your hook into the end of each row, hook yarn and pull through each
rows end stitch.
Keep all loops on hook until you have a loop on hook for each row.
Hook one more loop and pull that one through all
loops on hook.. Hook a loop once more and pull through to close the
toe section up tight.

Top ridge: Sc the first 6 stitches from each side to closed for top of foot.
Push work to middle of crochet hook or use stitch marker while you sew
up heel.

To sew up heal, put beginning yarn tail in large eye needle. Sew from top
edge on back down to heal. Turn and weave yarn back up to top
edge of heal. You will then be crocheting over the tail to hide it in the ankle.

Row 1: Ch 2- Dc in each stitch around the ankle, hiding your tail while
crocheting. Slip stitch to top of Ch 2.
Row 2: Ch 2. Dc in each dc. Slip stitch to 1st dc.
Row 3: *Fpdc around first Dc. Bpdc around next Dc. *Repeat to end .
Slip Stitch to close, tie off and weave in tail to hide.

((**the 1st and 2nd rows of ankle can be different colors to give a more mukluk look. Tie on new colors with a slip knot--hide yarn tails as you crochet.)

Side Tassels:
Helpful video for adding the tassel (adding it fringe style.)
Tassels (Fringe): Cut four six inch lengths of yarn for each bootie (8 total.)
Take the four pieced of yarn, hold evenly together. Find the center.
Find the middle of the side of a bootie--using crochet hook, put hook
Around the middle top Fpdc or Bpdc, hook the middle of the cut 4 yarns.
Pull the middle through around the stitch. Now using hook or fingers reach over
and grab your “8” yarn ends and pull those ends through the loop . Tug tight.

Repeat for 2nd bootie--making sure that your tassel’s will be on the opposite outside middles of each foot. Trim Tassels evenly.

© Sandyfroglegs Designs 2009


Kawano said...

Thanks for posting the pattern. Just a quick question, what size feet would they fit?

Sandyfroglegs said...

Hello Kawano--they work out to 3 1/2 to 4 inches. 3 1/2 is what the hospitals here recommend for newborn.
I hope they are the size you are looking for too!!!!

C said...

I love this pattern. This is my favorite baby bootie pattern, period. I love how quick and easy and functional and cute they are for making for the crisis pregnancy center here. Thank you!

Sandyfroglegs said...

Cynthia--Thank You!!!!

Ileana said...


Do you cut the yarn after you close the toe, before the top ridge?

Also do you turn them wrong side out before you start on the top ridge?

Thank you in advance...

Love the booties.....

Ileana said...

I figured the pattern out and they turned out beautiful....Thank you so much for sharing.

autchristine said...
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autchristine said...

Hello! These are adorable! I'm having trouble understanding the toe part, how it becomes rounded. I guess I'm too much of a visual person to understand what you mean by having all the loops on the hook and pulling through all.

I'm sure it's super easy to figure out, but a novice like me... :)

Thanks so much!

Sandyfroglegs said...

Pictures have been added of Toe for Autchristine. I could not get the blog to put them in order-sorry.

Sandyfroglegs said...

oops--the toe closure pictures are entered onto the blog as a new posting.

cecil said...

I need help with the top ridge of the Mukluk booties. I don't understand your instruction on closing the toe. Please help. Thank you very much. Cecil Williams

Sandyfroglegs said...

Cecil--please take a look at the last post to my blog.
I could not get the pictures to post in order (sorry.)
The 3rd pic shows the toe being gathered. The 2nd and 1st picture show it pulled tight. Then the 4th picture shows the 1st stitch of the ridge. Thank you for trying my design.

Nannooks said...

I just made these and it was super easy and quick..."thank you

Sandyfroglegs said...

Nannooks-Thank you!

Dhivyia said...

Hi... I'm actually a beginner... I'm making these for my niece...

I don't get what this part means :

Toe closing: at end of Row 12, pivot work to it’s left to close that side
of your square to form the toe section.

You posted the pictures for the next part of the step, so I don;'t know if this has any significance at all...

I hope you can answer me soon... :))

Dhivyia said...

i sort of continued to the next part... the part which you uploaded pictures of... now i don't get the next part... hoping you can answer as soon as possible... :)

Sandyfroglegs said...

Hello Dhivyia ~
Your first question; you are turning your work so you can gather the "side" of the square for the toe (third picture.)
Second question; I am hoping that if you look at the 4th picture, it will show how to close the top section(after creating the closed toe.)
Here is the link to the pictures-
(copy past link into browser.)
Hope this helps!

Dhivyia said...

sorry... i still don't get it... what do you mean by the first six stitches from each side?

Sandyfroglegs said...

Dhivyia--added more pictures.

Dhivyia said...

Ohh... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It turned out nice... :))

Sandyfroglegs said...

Dhivyia - Yay!!!!!

Happy Crocheting!

Nikki said...

Hi I hope this is not off topic and is allowed here! But, I was wondering if Cynthia is working through Gifts for the Unborn making booties. I just got connected with them and working for crisis pregnancy centers here in Ohio. I was not able to contact Cynthia directly! Hope no one minds! Love the Booties! Can't wait to try them! I especially love people who post patterns for free that they slaved over and then have the patience to deal with us Whiny Brat Ladies who can't get the pattern worked out right (Talking about my self)! I am sure I will be back with questions, LOL! Keep up the good work! God Bless,

Sandyfroglegs said...

Attention Cynthia-please read comment from Nikki!!!

jsheaman said...

Great pattern! Very easy for those of us who are just learning! :-)

Thanks again!

Debbie D. said...

oh my gosh..these are adorable!
Thank you Sandyfroglegs for sharing this pattern. I can't wait to try it later today whooohooo.

Alipurr said...

I love this bootie pattern...thanks for offering it :)

Unknown said...

I have 4 grandchildren, all within this year am making these for them in different colors. I LOVE THESE!!!

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing a great pattern....
I love it I'm newish to crochet and this was an easy pattern to follow :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for can I make this booties larger? Do I add chains or do I use a larger hook..My concern is will the baby's feet fit in the shoe..that' is why I would like to make them larger..
They are very easy and fast to make.

Sandyfroglegs said...

Elsa Cruz said...
"how can I make this booties larger? Do I add chains or do I use a larger hook."

Elsa----Add chains to the length and width (instead of 12X12 make them 16X16 or more until they are the size you need.) That way they keep babies toes in boots *Thank you for trying my design!!!