Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hot Cross Bun Hat

Hot Cross Bun Hat

*Worsted Weight or Sport Weight Yarn
*Hats will come out different sizes with different yarns. Try to accommodate your sizing to your yarn being used. (Multi version is a Red Heart yarn. Bone color is Simply Soft yarn.)
**Size “H” crochet hook .
***Stitch marker.
~Experience in crocheting the Granny Square helpful.
~Hat is worked in one direction, do not turn at end/beginning
of rows.
~Ch 2 at beginning of a row counts as 1 Dc.
~End of each row for hat top is Sl St closed .
~Body of hat is done in continuous rounds, use stitch marker to locate
end/beginning of rows.
~If you desire Hot Cross Bun Hat to be larger--simply increase the number
of rows on the top of hat until desired size is achieved, and add rows to
body until desired length reached.
In this way you can convert the pattern to a child or adult size hat.
By doing this you can also change the yarn and hook size to
accommodate your personal preferences.

DC : Double Crochet
Ch : Chain
Sc: Single Crochet
Sl St : Slip Stitch
St / St’s : Stitch, Stitch’s

Directions for newborn size hat:

Beginning: Ch 3. Sl St in 1st ch to form ring.

Row One: Ch 2. Eleven Dc in ring (12 dc.)

Row Two: Ch 2. 2 Dc, Ch 1, 3 Dc in same st as Ch 2.
*Dc in next 2 st’s. 3 Dc, Ch 1, 3 Dc in next St.
Repeat from “* “ twice more. Dc in last 2 st’s.
Sl St to top of Ch 2.

Row Three: Ch 2. Dc in next 2 St’s.
*3 Dc, Ch 1, 3 Dc in corner Sc. 1 Dc in next 7 st’s.
Repeat from “*” twice more. 3 Dc, Ch 1, 3 Dc in corner St.
Dc in last 4 St’s. Sl St to top of Ch 2.

Row Four: Ch 2. Dc in each St around . Sl St to top of ch 2.


Row Five: Ch 1. Place Stitch Marker in top of Ch 1.
Move St marker to last St at end of each row to keep
track of rows (you will now be working in continuous rounds so your hat will not have a joining ridge/line where the rows meet.)
Sc in same st at Ch 1. Sc in each st of row. Move Stitch Marker
to last sc of this row.
*your hat should measure “around” 5 ½ inches across. This should fit the average newborn size head. The top of the hat will be your “stretch.”

~Do not ch at end/beginning of rows.
~Works in same directions (right side of hat.)

Row Six- - Sc in each st. Move st marker to last st at end of row.

Rows 7 - 22: Repeat row six.

At end of row 22, do not move st marker to last st.
Sl st to st with stitch Marker.
Cut off leaving 6 inch tail-yarn on hook and pull through last loop on yarn.
Weave in end with smaller hook or needle.

© 2009 Sandyfroglegs Designs

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