Friday, June 13, 2008

Peirced Tongue Bookmark

Material List-
*G/6-4.25mm Crochet Hook
*(optional small crochet hook for attaching beads-if preferred you can string your beads
onto the tongue yarn before you start and work them into place where
desired. Or sewing
thread and needle can also be used to attach beads for piercing)

*Worsted Weight yarn in colors desired for tongue and head.
(Very small amount needed of each.)

*Needle to sew on eyes (I used 12 mm sew on wiggly eyes.--use what you have on hand
for your eyes.)

*Tongue Piercing Bead or Beads. (or--an actual tongue piercing if using bookmark
to gift them to a friend.)

Sl st - Slip Stitch.
Sc- Single Crochet.
Hdc-Half Double Crochet
St - Stitch.

With tongue yarn, Ch 50 (or length desired for “book mark”.)
Hdc in 3rd ch from hook. Hdc in next chain.

~Attach first bead. (I attach by working a Hdc with the G hook, then
just before catching the yarn to pull though the three loops I switched
to smaller hook (for me a B/1-2.25MM) put the bead onto the hook, then
pulled the yarn through the three loops to complete the Hdc.
(You can position the beads to the correct side of the tongue when done.)
(If sewing beads on-wait until end so you can position correctly.)

Hdc in next 2 spaces--(if desired add another bead/piercing.)
Hdc in remaining chains for the tongue length.
Tie off and weave/hide yarn ends.

Row 1~With yarn for the head, Ch 3, sl st into 1st ch to form ring
(hide yarn ends as you crochet.)
Row2~Ch 1-work 6 sc in ring, sl st to first sc (and pull that yarn
end tight to close the beginning circle.)
(6 Sc.)
Row 3~Grab your tongue. Hold the end of the tongue that you tied off,
against your work. With tongue in front- Sc through right side edge of tongue
and in 1st sc of head circle. Sc through middle of tongue and into
second sc of head circle. Sc through left edge of the tongue and into the
3rd sc of head circle behind the tongue. Sc in each of remaining 3 sc of circle.
Sl st to 1st sc-ch one and turn.
Row 4~One sc in each of 6 sc-sl st to 1st sc. Ch 2 and turn.
Row 5~Hdc in the same space as ch 2.. 2 Hdc in each of remaining 5 sc.
Sl st to top of 1st Hdc. (12 Hdc.)
(your tongue should be hanging down in front of you)

Nose Row~
Row 6:~Working in same direction, Ch 2. Hdc in next 2 stitches.
(Nose : Popcorn stitch in next space by working 5 Hdc in the same
stitch, drop the loop from the hook and insert the hook from the
into the top of the “first” of those 5 Hdc’s--catch a loop and
pull it
through all of the stitches.)

**Here is a link that shows this stitch- (but use Hdc instead of Dc )
One Hdc in remaining 8 stitches.
Row 7~ Ch 2. 2 Hdc in each of 12 stitches of row 6. (24 Hdc.)
((You will want to “push” your tongue into it’s mouth.))
Sl st to 1st Hdc.
Ears Row~
Row 8~ Ch 1- Sc in first 2 stitches. Slip stitch in next st, ch 3, 2 Dc,
sl st all in the same stitch.
Sc in each of next 10 stitches.
Slip st in next st, ch 3, 2 Dc , sl st all in same st. Sc in next nine st.
Sl st to first sc-tie off and weave in yarn ends.
Add your eyes .
If you saved the tongue piercing till end, add now.

© 2008 Sandyfroglegs Designs


Sandyfroglegs said...

Add "hair" using the tassel attach method to personalize!

TallGirl said...

Too cute! LOL

TallGirl said...

Too cute! LOL