Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sea Creature Baby Bootie

Size “G" Crochet hook.
Baby or Sport yarn
(I used Lion Brand Microspun in Turquoise.)
Large Eye needle for sewing heel.
Sew-on-eyes (or what you have on hand.)

(Chain 2 at end of each row, and turn to start next row).

Dc=Double Crochet. Sc=Single Crochet. Sl st=Slip Stitch.
Fp=Front Post Stitch. Bp=Back Post Stitch.

To Start : Leave a tail of about 8 or so inches (for sewing the heel) and Ch 16. DC in third chain from hook. DC in each
remaining chain for a total of 14 DC. Chain 2 and turn.
(this counts as Row 1)

Row 1, 2 & 3 : DC through both loops for a total of 14 DC in
each row.
Row 4: Dc in back loops only of 14 dc.
Row 5: Dc through both loops of 14 dc.
Row 6: Dc in back loops only of 14 dc.
Row 7 & 8:DC through both loops for a total of 14 DC in
each row.

This will give you a little square with two rows of ridges which are the bottom of the bootie and the place to attach the sea creature tentacles. You will end at the opposite end that you started the square. (three rows per each side, two rows for the bottoms)
Step 1--Taking care to make sure the “ridges” are on the outside of your booties-Gather toe end by inserting the hook,
into the end of each DC row & draw a loop onto the hook.--
you will have 8 loops on the hook. Draw another loop, and
pull that loop through all 8 loops on the hook. then sl st this
tight (this gathers the toe and closes it)
Sc the two top sides of bootie together with 7 Sc
(from toe to middle of top of bootie.)

Step 2- While keeping your work on your hook,
Take a large eye needle - put your yarn tail
for the heel into the needle and stitch your heel closed, tie off.
Weave in/hide your yarn end.

Row 1 & 2: *Chain 2, Dc in each stitch around the bootie
ankle opening, and Sl st closed.
Row 3: Ch 2, *Fp dc around 1st dc. Bp dc around 2nd dc.
Repeat from *around cuff of bootie.
Tie off-weave/hide yarn ends.

Sea Creature tentacles (sorry--no directions for left hand.)
With heel in right hand, Slip stitch to ridge on bottom of bootie.
Sc in same stitch. *Sc and next 3 stitches on ridge (work through
two loops for strength).
Ch 8. Sl st in 2nd ch from hook and next 2 ch. 3 sc in next ch. Sl
St in last 3 chains. Sl st is same st on ridge.
Repeat from * around foot (At the toe-work into the end of the 2 rows where there is no ridge to attach to) so that you have
Four legs/tentacle on each side of bootie.. Sc in last stitches and
tie off at end of ridge at heel. Weave/hide yarn ends.
Sew on your eyes on each side of bootie, just below cuff.

To make these into spiders--place eyes on either side of bootie, “near toe”instead of under cuff.

© 2008 Sandyfroglegs Designs.


Maria said...

Thanks for such a lovely pattern...how cute!!

Anonymous said...

I really love these, go great in my under the sea themed nursery...now just need baby lol.

Sandy said...

These are adorable! I've not made any of the animals, toys, or cute little finger puppets I've seen on folks blogs. Something else to add to the to do list. Somehow it grows more then the done list. lol

Thought I'd pop in on your blog, then heading to the group to look around and get acquainted.


Welcome mats always out, do stop in for a visit. That way we can be connected in the blog world as well as the group page on yahoo.

dragon knitter said...

just wanted to let you know that i've featured your pattern on the daily chum. too cute! (www.limenviolet.com/blog)

primdollie said...

These are adorable but can't crochet very well but sure wish I could now!! thanks for posting! Hugs Linda

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

This is fantastic! I'll be linking to this!

choirgirl said...

These are wonderful. Thank you. I made a pair in cherry red, and am now looking for lobster claw mittens to go with them!

Jane P said...

Hi, I'm relatively new to crochet. I'm getting stuck on the tentacles. how do i get back from the end of one tentacle to the body to start the next one? can anyone help? hope this makes sense. tx, JP

Sandyfroglegs said...

Reverse up the arms the same way you do when you do a starting chain.(Example--after beginning chain,turn and crochet in those same stitches for your next row.) Hope this helps!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. ^^ I'm new to crocheting. I was wondering about this:

To Start : Leave a tail of about 8 or so inches (for sewing the heel) and Ch 16. DC in third chain from hook. DC in each
remaining chain for a total of 14 DC. Chain 2 and turn.

Does that count as Row 1, or does Row 1 start after the first turn? ^^;; I feel stupid, but better to ask than remain stupid forevermore. c:

Sandyfroglegs said...

Hi Aisushi-
Thank you for helping me correct the design!
I added to the instructions.
Please alert me if I need to add more info! Thank you for trying my design.

Jodie said...

This is super super cute i made these for the arrival of my new neice or nephew had to make them in white cause their,mum only wants to dress them in,white dont know why but i think they would be awesome,in other colours

Sandyfroglegs said...

Jodie-Thank you!

SonyaG said...

What size is this bootie pattern (infant toddler) 0-6 months, 6-9 months or 9-12 months? I'm a beginner so I don't know how to adjust the pattern. Sonya

Sandyfroglegs said...

SonyaG---0-6 months.

SonyaG said...

Do you have instructions to adjust it to 9-12 months?

Sandyfroglegs said...

SonyaG--Sorry, I have not written down the adjustment sizing--but if you go to Ravelry those who made them larger may have those instructions shared with their finished Sea Creature booties.

Kimberly Zapata said...


I’m writing to you on behalf of Disney’s Babble.com. We’d love to include one of your crafts (above) in a post on our site, and one of the photos found at each of these links:


Would you be willing to give us permission to use your photos on our site and social pages? We will link back to your site and give you proper photo credit.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Kimberly Zapata
Writer/Freelancer, Babble.com

Sandyfroglegs said...

Kimberly--I sent message to what I am in hopes is a working email of yours? Look for it.